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Settlement Demands



Before the filing of a law suit, your attorney will first prepare a letter to the insurance company demanding that they settle your case for a specific amount. The demand will include all of the documents or evidence that support your claim. The demand letter is the single most important

pre-suit event in your case. Our law firm takes great pride in writing detailed demand letters which predict past and future pain and suffering, past and future lost earnings, future loss of earning capacity, and future medical costs in order to ensure that the insurance company understands that your attorney is serious and prepared to go to trial in the event that no settlement is reached.


The settlement demand will usually be written once the injured party reaches maximum medical improvement. Your doctor will be asked to prepare a final report describing your course of treatment and make some projections in terms of future medical care. Our firm will be in contact with your doctor(s) and make sure that he/she is in possession of all of the relevant medical records that need to be considered in the final report.

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Settlement Demands